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See THE TOWER for more information.
Find any interesting Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) Lore resources, videos, fansites, or discussions? Post them here and we can mine this information for useful data for creating backstories and bios. Eventually, we will add pertinent information into The Tower (wiki/library)' so that we can use this information for quick reference.
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Character Bios and Histories
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Roleplay Stories open to everyone. If the creator of the story has indicated that participation is allowed, please do so in character (IC). Any OOC comments should be relegated to the 'Temperance' Forum
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Planning area for RP events and OOC story discussion
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This section is where members can add a thread about for their own particular holding(s) of any size or variety.
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By The High Priestess KrisRomanipen Aug 17, 17
PRODUCERS are the crafters of the world. They're the blacksmiths, bakers, alchemists, and tailors. In general, Producers stay within the safety of a town and rely on suppliers to go outside and fetch the things they need. When they're not crafting they're selling their goods in a storefront or auction house.
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By Egwene al'Vere Romanipen Mar 15, 14
CHAMPIONS are the bodyguards, sell-sword, soldiers, and dungeon-delvers of the world. When Explorers discover uncharted new territories, it is the Champion who proceeds forward and gives the all clear. When merchants makes their way along dangerous trade routes, it’s the Champion who keeps them safe.
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By The Hierophant KrisRomanipen Dec 22, 14
SUPPLIERS, which are further divided into Gatherers and Merchants, are those responsible for getting necessary resources to Producers. Between the two of Suppliers, Gatherers are your miners, lumberjacks, and farmers and tend to gather the more mundane resources. Meanwhile, Merchants travel long distances in order to requisition the more extraordinary or rare materials.
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By Milbert KrisRomanipen May 8, 14
EXPLORERS are those who specialize in survival skills, allowing them to be out of town for long periods of time, roaming the badlands, braving forests, and wading through swamps. They're the treasure hunters of the world. Whether it’s an untapped mine, an unspoiled tomb, or a magical tree in the middle of an uncharted forest, Explorers make their living by knowing what's where, and charting the safest way to get there.
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