Eternus – New World RP Guild

About Eternus

We're a community of mature gamers that join here because we share common interests and bonds. Our members hail from various corners of the world. It's not the games we play that bind us, but the friendships we forge. Every member is important and never just a number. We're dedicated to developing an environment of camaraderie, merriment, and kinship.

We are a mature and drama-free community.

We're a strictly 18+ community with members from various backgrounds and do not tolerate any out-of-character drama.

We recruit the player and the character.

Characters are constantly changing, growing, or being retired. This is why we ensure that not only each character can fit within our stories, but that each player is well suited to our mature, playful environment.

Roleplay is our focus.

Content comes second, though we strive to weave gameplay into our roleplay as often as possible.

No member is favored more than the other.

Regardless of rank, no member will be favored over any other when it comes to storytelling spotlight or content.

We tell stories with an ensemble cast.

Our stories are developed by characters and their actions, not a storymaster dictating each turn, and no single character or group will be on center stage at all times.

We roleplay both in-game and via forums.

In-game roleplay is frequent and easy to fall into, and forum roleplay is used to unite members from different time zones or post important points in our stories.

Any level of roleplayer can join us.

Newer roleplayers will appreciate the welcoming, helpful atmosphere of the community, and experienced roleplayers will appreciate the engaging stories and generally high level of writing.

We regularly host both guild and/or server events.

We have interactive events for all levels both IC and OOC!